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The Daniel Hall and Lawes Open Innovation Hub are home to an exciting and diverse group of tenant companies.  To enquire about joining our vibrant campus community, please contact Asmaa Shariff on asmaa.shariff@rocre-rothamsted.com or 01582 938 679.


African Soil Information Service

AfSIS' mission is to rapidly expand the use of world-class information technology and data science to ensure that Africa’s soil and landscape resources are described, understood and used effectively to raise agricultural productivity and lower ecological footprints as a means of increasing the prosperity of Africa’s communities and nations. AfSIS works with a wide range of stakeholders to develop demand-driven spatial data and information products and services and helps to build institutions for improving the management of soils and landscapes.



AgriMetrics is the world’s first Big Data Centre of Excellence for the whole agri-food industry. Agrimetrics is supporting a revolution in the use of data science and modelling from farm to fork and will be enabling the development of a more comprehensive and collective understanding of the needs of farmers, food manufacturers, food retailers and consumers. Agrimetrics is a joint venture between Rothamsted Research, the University of Reading, the National Institute of Agricultural Botany and Scotland’s Rural College. The model for the centre was developed with input from over 50 UK organisations,spanning the agri-food industry and adjacent sectors.


Agrix Advisors

Agrix Advisors specialises in providing research driven corporate finance and strategic advice to agribusiness companies and investors. Our service is founded on industry knowledge and rigorous research. We serve clients across the industry spectrum, with a particular interest in agricultural inputs and developing businesses with interesting technology. If you are seeking to acquire or invest in agribusiness or wish to divest, we would be delighted to meet for an informal discussion of your objectives.

We also assist businesses seeking to raise funds.

Dr Andy Jones: has over 28 years of experience in the Lifescience sector.  He has extensive experience in Agribusiness having held senior management positions in Zeneca (now Syngenta), ArystaLifesciences and Eco Animal Health (a UK listed veterinary company) and led a venture capital backed pharmaceutical company to a successful £50m capitalisation listing on the London AIM in 2005. 

Hugh Easterbrook: has over 25 years of international business experience in corporate finance and general management with Newell-Rubbermaid Inc and Lloyds Bank International. Over this period he has been involved in numerous transactions in various countries, including the first public takeover in Eastern Europe. Most recently he has been involved in projects in the field of bio-control and agro-inputs distribution in western and Eastern Europe.



Agrilytix is a provider of hyperlocal weather and climate data produced in near real time, with global coverage for precision agriculture.  Agrilytix ntegrates innovations in high availability data science/machine learning platforms available in an on-demand model to either augment data science teams or provide this capability as an outsourced service to organisations that require it.



ApresLabs was set up by Dr Graham Moores, a biochemist with a wealth of experience in the insecticide resistance field. Graham has investigated the biochemical basis of insecticide resistance for over 30 years, during which time he has become a leading authority on the subject, published over 50 refereed papers, 3 patents and supervised several successful PhD projects. As one of very few biochemists working in this area, Graham has often been asked to present at conferences both Internationally and nationally. He has also written for popular journals and appeared on TV and radio. Together with Australian scientist Dr Robin Gunning, Graham formulated the concept of  ‘Temporal Synergism’ , a system that can deliver outstanding control of resistant insects using equivalent, or less, insecticide application.


Babwe Barton Enterprises

Founded in 2016, BBE designs, manufactures and develops advanced electric generation and energy recovery systems based on technology innovation developed by the founders. BBE intends to revolutionise the availability and performance of green electricity for everyone.
Harvester is an energy harvesting device, positioned ideally on the chimney or top of the roof and generates electricity at high efficiency from heat exhaust output such as cooking, heating or as an extra generator for combustion generators. It further generates electricity from combining inputs such as solar, wind, thermal water and wind via Babwe Barton Enterprises protected technology. The technology allows compact lightweight generation suitable for temporary or permanent installation. The technology is incredibly scalable and can generate 1-9 KWH on demand. BBE are currently introducing this technology as a retrofit for biomass burners to allow them to generate electricity, and are looking to expand the technology's use.


Bio Nano Consulting

Bio Nano Consulting specialises in delivering innovative solutions to industry across the life sciences and technology sectors. In addition, as an SME, it plays a key role as coordinator in European Framework-7 and Horizon 2020 programmes. BNC was the first consultancy in Europe to focus on the interface between bio and nanotechnology, and it continues to provide product development, project management and strategic consultancy to a broad range of international clients.



Bionemax  has expertise in the identification of natural plant products with potential to be used in novel genetic or chemical strategies to maximize crop protection and provide sustainable nematode control. The use of non-toxic bionematicides to deliver nematode control offers an environmentally friendly and safer alternative to the use of toxic nematicides. Some plant compounds can directly affect nematode behaviour by acting as hatching stimulants, repellents, attractants or inhibitors and some can have a nematostatic or nematotoxic effect on nematodes. Others can induce plant immunity against nematodes when sprayed to seeds or leaves or applied directly to soil. The anti-nematode properties of natural compounds can be exploited as bionematicides to modify the rhizosphere and reduce nematode infection of plants. These novel strategies can be incorporated into integrated management strategies.



$5-7 billion per crop per year worldwide is lost due to a soil-based pathogen called Phytophthora. Currently, the only method to confirm its presence in the field is after infection of the plant, being at this point too late for treatment. FungiAlert is a device that allows for the early detection of these types of plant pathogens by detecting the spores of Phytophthora before they infect the plant. It is the only device on the market for monitoring the health of soil and irrigation water, alerting the user to the risk of infection, helping to dramatically decrease plant loss due to disease.



Gowan Company is a family owned registrant and marketer of crop protection products and champions technology for agriculture and horticulture through innovative product development, public advocacy and quality production. Bringing science, regulatory acumen, innovative investment, and focused execution to the forgotten problems of agriculture has earned Gowan the reputation of being the Go To Company.”


Plant Impact

Plant Impact plc is a UK-based company leading R&D in crop enhancement technology to create products that growers can rely on to increase the yield and quality of their crops.  We use our agricultural expertise to find efficient, cost effective ways to offer our solutions to those growers across the world. The company was founded in 2003 in the United Kingdom and has customers and commercial partners in more than twenty countries.



With more than a century of industrial experience, Prayon is a world leader in the phosphate sector. Our Group manufactures an extensive range of phosphate and fluorine products that are used in food applications, industrial applications, fertilizers and other applications such as pharmaceuticals.


Timac Agro

Timac Agro United Kingdom is a specialist in plant and animal nutrition with extensive expertise in crop nutrition, soil conditioning and fertiliser efficiency, offering a specific range of fertilisers adapted to local soils and farmers' needs.

As a Roullier Group subsidiary, in its traditional business of agri supplies, Timac Agro United Kingdom provides its customers with products that meet the highest international quality and safety standards. Our fertiliser efficiency technologies are revolutionary in the market and enable growers to optimise their fertiliser investment, while at the same time improving their environmental stewardship practices.   Our technologies are proven not only in our own laboratories, but in field trials all around the world with prominent growers and through university research as well, in order for individual growers to be confident in the efficiency of our products.

Our strength is to benefit from the experiences of 50 countries around the globe, transferring R&D into success. Timac Agro United Kingdom has a strong team of Crop Nutritionists, working in partnership with agricultural distribution, who provide advice and monitoring services to farmers in order for them to improve performance, maximise outputs, and thus meet their specific needs.


The Centre for Applied Crop Science

The Centre for Applied Crop Science, formerly known as CHAP, is one of four Centres for Agricultural Innovation and a core component of the government Agri-Tech Strategy. The aim of the centre is to provide a vital connection between industry and research by working in partnership to deliver faster and widespread adoption focusing on applied and translational research. Working with public and private providers of research funding, the Centre will actively encourage collaborative crop research projects, support individual projects or pump-primes large scale projects that address the major crop production challenges facing industry by investing or co-investing, on behalf of the Government.




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