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Agriculture is at the heart of global survival, influencing many of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. These goals define a long-term vision and strategy that also provide powerful guiding principles for agricultural science and innovation. We must deliver more food from the same land with fewer resources and less environmental impact. This Sustainable Intensification of Agriculture covers a number of society’s challenges:

  • Create viable incomes and livelihoods for farmers and businesses in the whole value chain
  • Provide a high-quality diet for all
  • Establish resilience to future climate change
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental harms
  • Sustain local cultures and rural communities

Although specific targets and their solutions vary from country to country and even within different agricultural sectors in a single country, truly transformative changes are essential in the way food is produced, processed and consumed if future needs are to be met. At Rothamsted Research, we aim to deliver know-how, data, better practices and new technologies to improve the performance, resilience and value of crop and livestock systems in the UK and worldwide.

We implement our science strategy by fostering an interdisciplinary culture. Four main departments provide the physical home for our scientists and support staff, as well as for our National Capabilities, laboratories and other facilities. As members of a larger science cluster within a department, researchers contribute to the institute's strategic programmes and other projects that together form three interconnected, long-term Science Portfolios:

We also pursue specific opportunities through Flagship Projects within or across these three Science Portfolios. Institute Strategic Programme Grants and a Core Capability Grant from BBSRC provide the strategic funding for our research. Grants from many other sources, including partnerships with institutions, universities and companies, with the UK AgriTech centres and through other mechanisms all support our Science Portfolios as a whole, nationally and internationally.


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